Thanks for dropping by, as they say time is money, so let's give you a nutshell summary of the software.

This software does one main thing, and that is monitor the rise and fall of prices on betfair.

Following those results it will bet to your instructions (simple instructions.)



Watch the 8 minute video, and see 8 points profit hands off.


There are two types of bets it makes, and as the name suggests they are Steamer Bets (horses who's prices are shortening, and therefore favoured by the punters to have a good chance of winning.)

And the polar opposite are the Drifter Bets these are horses who's prices have increased and are not fancied by the bulk of the betting public, also could be bookmakers laying off bets also.

You can choose to bet either both the drifters and the steamers, drifters you will be laying (not to win the race) and steamers betting they will win.

Let me just say, that you can also if betting UK and Ireland, use the place market also, as there is plenty of liquidly in these markets, the other countries dont really have the liquidly, except Australia's metro courses on Saturday and public holidays. So please don't the place or each way market else where as you will find the bets mainly dont't get made.

You can also use both Drifter and Steamer options at the same time also.


9th November, 2014

New Betfair API-NG compliant Upgraded Version.

Thanks for your support. In Apr 2014, we released only 50 licenses for SD bot and we sold them in less than a week time and since then the SD bot sales have been on hold.

The reason was – we didn’t want to sell too many copies to protect liquidity in the market and also we were anticipating that API NG is coming, so we anyway had to upgrade SD bot with new Betfair API.

We have done the following changes in the bot :-

  • We have upgraded the bot to work with Betfair API NG
  • We have added stop at profit /loss feature in the bot as many clients requested for the same.

You need to enter the profit /loss figure before starting the bot. As soon as, your profit target is hit, you will see the following screen

Now, you need to press Yes, if you want to continue betting or simply say No , if you want to stop  and either want to restart or stop for the day.
When you say Yes, please make sure you revise the stop at Profit  figure , so bot can understand what new revised profit is.

The same logic will work on the Stop at loss side.

  •  The last change which we implemented was  that user will find the last settings which he used when he will reopen the bot next time. 
  • All qualified selections as per user settings will be highlighted in bold in the following window.

  •  Apart from above changes, we did minor changes in the overall performance of the bot to make it more efficient.

Thanks as always for your support. I am sure you would have enjoying SD bot and will continue to enjoy the updated SD bot also.
Steve & Michael



Ok, on to the Software

Why make a software like this?

We have had lots of requests for a simple easy to use software that does just as we say above.

And one that is affordable, this bot is that.

Not everyone can sit infront of the computer all day, the bot does the work without you having to, it is a set and forget.

You can bet all races, or you can choose the races you want the bot to bet on.

You can see below the simple settings interface for the steamer part of the bot.



If we look at the setting above, the instruction is for steamer horses, we are betting £1.00, on any horse in race where there are between 5 and 20 runners, and have moved between 10% and 100% in price from the 10 minute mark to the 1 minute before the off.

And are between 3.00 and 10.00 in the odds, and this is a win market instruction only. You can see more in the video above.


Tuesday, 11th November, 2014

The three days results in November, 2014 are at 50% win and 5% place on $2.00 and $2.00 Bets


Monday, 10th November, 2014


When we first released it...

Below is 2 hours of UK Racing on Auto Pilot Steamer Mode, 7 points Profit, hands and eyes free


Above shows just under 1 hours work on Australian races at the harness and gallops, 16 points profit on Auto Pilot.



I make $67.00 while building an IKEA book case Thanks to Steamer Drifter Bot, watch the video.



Cool, $67 profit in 2 hours, on the Australian racing. (see above video)

Below is the settings we used on the UK racing.

What you need to Run Steamer Drifter Bot.

1. Funded Betfair Account, please be aware that to bet Australian races you need money in your Australian Betfair Wallet.

2. Reliable internet connect.

3. You PC or laptop must be windows based, e.g Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 7, XP

4.The software comes in a Zip file, so you need an unzip program almost all compters have this sort of program now.



Still want more info?

Download the Manual and have a read.

Click Here To download Manual


This software will Only work on Windows based computers and tablets.

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or Moneybookers (Skrill) email me for details stevedav@iinet.net.au



If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?



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